Ubi caritas et amor
Ballhaus Ost – Berlin
Lofft – Das Theater – Leipzig

In a work of music theatre that pits Gregorian chant against dribbling basketballs, Wenzel Vöcks de Schwindt and his ensemble are on a quest for alternative forms of masculinity.
Director & Concept
Upcoming premiere in 2022
(postponed from 2021)
Ubi caritas et amor
On the first night we looked at maps
Los Alemanes del Volga

Tatwerk – Berlin
Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2020 (Newcomer’s Platform ‚Introducing…‘)
FURORE – International festival for young theatre // Ludwigsburg
Szenario – Festival für Darstellende Künste // Lüneburg

An intimate documentary performance for ten to fourteen guests around a table with a gay couple, travelling through its family histories, to write its own story. Getting in touch with ancestors who can only be, who they want to be, when they are not at the place where they believe they would belong to.
Research, Text & Performance
Listening to Peter & Ben
Tatwerk – Berlin
A performance to explore the possibilities of hearing as a dynamic phenomenon, using a historical recording of the composer and pianist Benjamin Britten and his partner the tenor Peter Pears to uncover an acoustical queer heritage.
Director & Concept
Listening to Peter & Ben
Instructions for Those at Home #1
Performing Arts Festival Berlin@home
A do-it-yourself scenario to be experienced at home by the audience on the migration history of the Mate tea from Argentina via Syria to Berlin.
Research, Text, Objects & Photography
Instructions for Those at Home #1
Hawaiian Fragments
Acker Stadt Palast / Tatwerk – Berlin
Elaine, a successful, down-to-earth, rational businesswoman involved in the ever-speeding world of finance, receives an unexpected call. Her son has been victim of a shark attack while surfing in Hawaii and has died.
With: Jayne Walling
Dramaturgy & Light Design
Zender: Schuberts „Winterreise“
Les Théâtres de la Ville de Luxembourg /
Opéra Comique Paris

A staged production of Hans Zender’s interpretation of Schubert’s song cycle. – A man is sleeping. He wakes up and looks around. A bed… Jalousies… Nothing else. All in white. The surrounding room seams familiar to him, but even sough strange. Has the room its own life?
With: Julian Prégardien
Associate Director
Die Ankunft der Kraniche
Neu-Hohenschönhausen Berlin
Suddenly and unexpected the cranes have arrived in the neighbourhood. The huge and rare birds are shy and usually don’t have their habitat in cities. Equipped with an audio guide, headphones and photo cameras, the audience is invited to join the observation of the birds.
Concept & Performance: hannsjana
Händel: Aci, Galatea e Polifemo
Zuhause e. V. & HBC – Berlin
A barock opera in Berlin clubs for mezzo-sprano, soprano saxophone, tuba and keyboard instruments. – Händel new it. His music still does. But we, we don’t know anymore. How does it work today, now, with relationships and all the emotional stuff between human beeings?
With: rohstoff:oper & BEM!
Director & Stage Design
Pasticcio Spazziale
Zuhause e. V. – Berlin
An italo-opera-outer-space performance with music by Händel, Mascagni, Mozart, Puccini, Verdi and others in a Berlin clubs.
With: rohstoff:oper
Director & Concept