Superqueer Heroes

The Superqueer heroes is a performance piece that explores the two seemingly unrelated worlds of comic-book superheroes and drag queens in order to talk about identity and the pieces it is constructed from: costumes, make up and fictions. The piece is centered in the exploration of the personal universe of The Mauro, the avid super hero comic reader and their drag queen persona, Vanessa Júpiter.

The Superqueer heroes blends the borders between fictions and reality as it portrays how they become part of our lives, our emotions and ultimately of who we are. Every story, every costume is a new possibility of reinventing oneself which reveals that in the end the masks we put on might not only be our way to exist but also the infinite potential of being all the masks we can fit.

Show history:

Performer: Jupiter
Text: Jupiter, Federico Schwindt
Stage Direction: Federico Schwindt
Costumes and make up: Jupiter
Early rehearsals assistance: Laura Santos
Technical assistance: Wenzel U. Vöcks