About me:
I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina where I studied to become a theater director in the UNA (National University of Arts).  My professional life started in the buzzing independent scene of Buenos Aires where I directed pieces of renowned authors as well of my own authorship. Since 2015 I am a Berlin based artist and a resident at TATWERK | Performative Forschung. As a director my work continues to take place mostly in the context of the Berlin Freie Darstellende Künste. Last year my piece together with Wenzel U. Vöcks On the first night we looked at Maps – LOS ALEMANES DEL VOLGA was selected to be presented in the platform Introducing… of the Performing arts Festival Berlin (PAF) and later at FURORE – international festvial for young theatre. In 2021 I will be premiering EPISODIO in Theaterdiscounter,  a theatrical epic constructed from videos found online. With an interest in production and a curiosity on how the aesthetics of what we produce are affected by our material conditions, I am also working for Rimini Protokoll as a production assistant and producer on tour.

About my artistic work:
Walking the fine line between theater and performance, my work seeks to integrate the craft of acting and the versatility it provides with the raw and transparent approach of contemporary performance.

Swimming freely through formats and genres, I produce material that deals in a playful way with a critical reality, placing an emphasis on the unexpected, the obscure as well as on the humorous.

Identity, feeling foreign, isolation, loneliness, information overload and how we interact with the virtual world and its fictions are some of the topics that currently inspire me and concern me the most.

At the same time I believe that every new content needs a new unique poetic form to emerge. That is why I find it key to carry out intense aesthetic research periods before the beginning of each project.

Moreover, my work is always the result of long term cooperations with artists through different projects and I place a big importance on the continuity and mutual trust to go deeper that this provides.